Hotels on Lake Garda

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Lake Garda is the ideal place to plan a tailor-made holiday!

The Chincherini Group hotels are located in the most beautiful and strategic places in the area.

This tourist destination with his picturesque and historic villages, restaurants, shops, amusement parks and nature reserves caters to the needs of tourist any ages.

Nicknamed the “Outdoor Gym”...each year increasingly more people choose Lake Garda for an active holiday.  MTB, trekking, nordic walking, paragliding, sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUP, scuba diving and fishing: are only some examples of what you can do.

Not to be missed is the food and wine offer! Enjoy the taste of typical dishes, wines and the delicious extra-virgin olive oil.

Limone sul Garda (BS) - Via Nova , Via Nova
Garda (VR) - Via M. Abrile , Via M. Abrile
Garda (VR) - Via Guglielmo Marconi , Via Guglielmo Marconi
Malcesine (VR) - Piazza Pallone , Piazza Pallone
Garda (VR) - Via dei Cipressi , Via dei Cipressi
Costermano (VR) - Via Salita degli Olivi , Via Salita degli Olivi
Limone sul Garda (BS) - Via Tamas , Via Tamas
Garda (VR) - Via Don Gnocchi , Via Don Gnocchi
Garda (VR) - Via Don Luigi Sturzo , Via Don Luigi Sturzo
Marciaga di Costermano (VR) - Via Ghiandare , Via Ghiandare
Limone sul Garda (BS) - Via Sopino Alto , Via Sopino Alto
San Zeno di Montagna (VR) - Via Degli Alpini , Via Degli Alpini
Torri del Benaco (VR) - Via Gardesana , Via Gardesana
Garda (VR) - Via Marconi , Via Marconi
Garda (VR) - Località Ca' Madrina , Località Ca' Madrina
Garda (VR) - Via Della Pace , Via Della Pace
Limone sul Garda (BS) - Lungolago Marconi , Lungolago Marconi

Hotels in Sicily

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Fantastic beaches, ancient monuments, fascinating atmospheres – Sicily is a land to discover.

The Chincherini Group hotels are located in Taormina and Giardini Naxos, beautiful towns in the province of Messina.

Giardini Naxos was a quiet fishing village that has become in recent decades one of the most visited tourist resorts thanks to the beautiful sea, monuments and events.

Not to be missed are the wonderful beaches that overlook the Ionian Sea: Schisò, Recanati and Porticciolo Saia.

About Taormina, Guy de Maupassant wrote, “It is only a landscape but one in which you can find everything that seems to have been created to seduce the eyes, the mind and the imagination." A magnificent view of the sea, alleys rich in monuments and history, paired with intense flavours render Taormina one of the most dreamed of places in Italy.

Giardini Naxos (ME) - Via Schisò , Via Schisò
Giardini Naxos (ME) - Via Calcide Eubea , Via Calcide Eubea
Giardini Naxos (ME) - Via Calcide Eubea , Via Calcide Eubea
Giardini Naxos (ME) - Via Lungomare Schisò , Via Lungomare Schisò
Giardini Naxos (ME) - Via Lungomare Schisò , Via Lungomare Schisò
Giardini Naxos (ME) - Via Calcide Eubea , Via Calcide Eubea
Taormina (ME) - Via Bagnoli Croci , Via Bagnoli Croci

Hotel in Trentino

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From the Dolomites toLake Garda, Trentino Alto Adige is famous for the beauty of its mountains.

The Chincherini Group hotel is located in Lavarone, a strategic location just a few kilometres from Trento.

Lavarone, 1174 metres above sea level, is famous for cross-country skiing in winter and mountain biking and hiking in summer.

Lavarone (TN) - Piazza Italia , Piazza Italia
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